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I have written for stage, and screen for more than 10 years. As an actor I often write for myself to perform, but am also available on commission to write for groups, and individual actors. Please see examples of my projects (past and current below).

Comedy Scenes & Sketches

After being a comedic character actor for years, lockdown inspired me to put some of my character sketches, and scenes online. One of my scenes 'Flatmates' made the shortlist for the 2021 Funny Women comedy shorts awards. I am currently developing a sketch show for online distribution.  

Comedy Scenes & Sketches

Comedy Scenes & Sketches

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Theatre Shows for Young People

I have written 4 full length theatre shows for young people (ages 6-18) for use in theatre schools. These shows have speaking roles for up to 70 children, but can be adjusted for smaller groups. These shows are available to license, but I also work on commission. Please click the envelope below, or use the contact page to ask me any questions or if you need any further info.

Bespoke Showreel Scenes

I began by writing my own showreel scenes, and was soon approached by other actors to write scenes for their showreels. You can see examples of this below. Like what you see? Click the envelope below, or visit the contact page to get in touch for a bespoke scene of your own.